LKO & Pitchly Partner to Help Firms Extract Value From Data

Posted by: Pitchly

New York, NY — April 13, 2023 - Law firms of all sizes struggle with managing their data and enabling it to create data-driven content. Pitchly and LKO Management Consulting announced a new partnership that helps to eliminate this significant pain point. 

Pitchly and LKO are two industry-leading companies in the field of data and information management. This partnership aims to deliver greater value to clients by offering a comprehensive suite of data management solutions, helping firms extract more value out of the data they already have.


Pitchly is a cloud-based data management platform that offers a wide range of tools to help organizations streamline their data operations to dynamically generate valuable custom content including deal tombstones, proposals, bios and more. 

LKO, on the other hand, provides over 20 years of comprehensive consulting services to help organizations better manage their data and information to enhance decision-making and eliminate inefficiencies. LKO works with clients to identify information needs, harmonize the information within the organization, and develop processes for reactive and proactive information and service delivery. With a focus on strategy, LKO provides direction and support in the areas of Library and Research Services, experience management, knowledge management, and more.


This partnership combines Pitchly's advanced technology with LKO's expertise in data management to deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique data needs of law firms and enables their data to boost business development efforts.

By combining the strategic, foundational services that LKO offers and the proven, robust data enablement platform that Pitchly has created, firms receive an end-to-end solution for any data initiatives they may have. 

"We are thrilled to partner with LKO Management Consulting," said Vikram Nair, Director and Head of Partnerships at Pitchly. "Their expertise in data management combined with our technology will enable us to deliver a powerful solution that will drive value for our clients."

LKO Management Consulting CEO, Lynn Oser, echoed Nair’s sentiment, "We are excited to partner with Pitchly and combine our expertise in data management with their technology innovation. This partnership will help us provide our clients with a more comprehensive solution to their data enablement and content challenges."


Pitchly and LKO Management Consulting are committed to delivering clients the best data management solutions. This partnership will help us to achieve our shared goal of enabling businesses to make better decisions based on accurate and actionable data. 


To learn more, visit LKO Management Consulting or Pitchly