Data Workspaces

Easily control data access across teams to create a simple and secure experience.

Your firm has invested in data across the organization, but siloed data isn't helpful. Pitchly meets your data at the source and makes it even more meaningful.

Centralize and connect your data in single or multiple workspaces, empowering your team to access and search all relevant data, no matter the originating source.



Streamline Your Data

During implementation, our team helps you gather and analyze data from siloed or analog data sources including spreadsheets, emails and documents.

Pitchly can also connect to various live data sources like your CRM, Salesforce, Power BI, and anywhere else you collect data.

Filter with Ease

Advanced filtering capabilities allow you to apply multiple layers to your data, populating the most relevant data in a matter of minutes. 

Save and share popular filter combinations, enabling your team to quickly and easily access common searches.

Workplace Users

Create Dedicated Workspaces

Every organization has subsets of data that need to be shared with various team members. With Pitchly Workspaces,  you can ensure that everyone has access to the exact data they need, and no more.

Admins have access to all data, and they can assign users and teams to one or multiple workspaces.

Case Study

See how one firm saves hours each week by connecting disparate data sources into a single database.

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"We are continuing to build our databases, however, we have already seen value with Pitchly's search capabilities, locating relevant matters for pitches/proposal and creating tombstones.”

- Director of Marketing

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