Nexl and Pitchly Integrate to Streamline Growth Processes 

Posted by: Pitchly

New York, New York – April 11, 2023 - Pitchly, the no-code data enablement company creating new ways for work to be done, and Nexl, the no-data-entry customer relationship management (CRM) and Revenue Collaboration platform, have announced an exciting new integration between the two platforms.   

By seamlessly combining the power of both platforms, law firms will be able to accelerate their business development efforts and achieve growth goals.  

During times of an uncertain business climate, firms around the globe are looking to technological innovation to streamline their revenue operations and business development efforts. Both Pitchly and Nexl were created specifically to drive this innovation.  


Nexl is a no-data-entry CRM and revenue collaboration cloud that gives law firms and clients the power to automatically capture and enrich their relationship data, get instant relationship insights, and then collaborate to turn their relationships into revenue. The connection between these data sources helps clients extract rich, actionable relationship insights that help to enhance client relationships and ultimately drive more revenue.  

The seamless integration with Pitchly allows Nexl users to automatically generate on-demand, brand-compliant tombstones, bios, case studies, proposals and more. Users can import data from Nexl into Pitchly, providing a comprehensive view of their business data in one central location.  

Pitchly's intuitive data enablement platform empowers users to easily organize and create content from this data, giving teams access to a complete picture of their clients, deals, and opportunities to grow their firms. 

The integration also provides Pitchly users with a robust new set of client relationship management tools. With the ability to import data from Nexl, users can track their customer interactions and opportunities.  They are also able to use Nexl’s relationship intelligence insights to identify patterns and trends in their relationship data, powering collaboration and data-driven decision-making around growth. 


"We are thrilled to announce the integration with Nexl," said Vikram Nair, Director and Head of Partnerships at Pitchly. "By combining the strengths of both platforms, we are creating a powerful, connected system for firms to enable their data and drive growth. We believe this integration will be a game-changer for our users, empowering them to make better decisions and grow their organizations faster." 

"We are excited to partner with Pitchly to bring this integration to market," said Philipp Thurner, CEO of Nexl. "Our goal is to provide organizations with the relationship data and insights they need to drive growth and firm-wide collaboration. This integration with Pitchly is a major step to creating on-demand data-driven content. We look forward to seeing this integration's impact on firms of all sizes." 


The proven integration between Pitchly and Nexl is now available to all users. To learn more about how to take advantage of this powerful integration, visit the Pitchly and Nexl websites today.