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Discover a new way to streamline your data processes and create compelling content by bringing data into a single, easy-to-use workspace.

No more navigating between separate data systems, sifting through old documents and emails, or relying on attorneys to keep track of their own experience data.

✔️ Firms using Pitchly see a 93% reduction in time taken to locate, create, format, arrange, and generate pitch and proposal materials
✔️ Pitchly is delivered via a SaaS model so your firm receives expedited time to value


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Popular Pitchly Use Cases for Legal Firms

Experience Matter Management

Easily collect and access all key information about a matter, and reference all relevant data points. Includes all clients, attorneys and proposal credentials to share experience insights.

Mansfield Reporting

If your firm is tracking diversity of pitch teams or is pursuing Mansfield Certification, Pitchly can help you easily collect and track diversity data.

Tombstone Creation

Automatically generate tombstones from matter and client records. Incorporate custom branding, layout, enforce client confidentiality, and display client approved logos for export to PowerPoint.

Pitch Material Templates

Create templates that auto-populate experience, logos, attorney bios, case studies and the like from Pitchly directly into branded assets.

Thought Leadership

Organize your thought leadership by aggregating snippets as they come in. Add them to a table in Pitchly powered by the Documents App.

Practice Overviews

If your creative team has to recreate an overview sheet each time they need a new one, then this process is for you. When you update content in your table, changes automatically populate in your content.

Put your experience to work

Your experience data is valuable and with Pitchly's Data Enablement Platform, you can do more than just collect and view it - you can put it to work. Pitchly helps law firms leverage experience to generate even more value.

Create pitches and proposals in real time

Power a library of branded templates and dynamic components with a live stream of your experience data to generate on demand pitch and proposal assets. With Pitchly's Data Productivity Suite you build once and then publish when you need.


A better way to manage data

Whether it's collecting, managing, or activating your data, Pitchly makes your experience data reliable and accessible. With custom workspaces for teams and workers, searching, filtering and segmenting data is just seconds away.

Our Clients Include:

“We selected Pitchly because they are the market leader in this category and demonstrated a short time-to-value with their innovative approach .”

Monica Rodriguez Kuniyoshi
CMO, Gunderson Dettmer


Pitchly can integrate with the most commonly used systems in legal firms

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Video Content

Take a Peek at Pitchly: Platform Walkthrough

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This 20 minute webinar gives a quick peek at Pitchly's Data Enablement Platform and the value it drives for legal professionals. 

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What Problems Does Pitchly Solve for Legal?

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