The Difference an Experience Database Makes

Posted by: Pitchly

In the fast-paced world of professional services, every minute counts. But often, the demands of collaborative pitch work - especially when it includes mission-critical data figures - can steal time away from professionals whose time is better spent building relationships with clients and brainstorming innovative strategies. 

For seasoned Business Development and Marketing professionals,  the challenges of creating pitch-perfect presentations are all too familiar. These individuals know how it feels to spend hours combing through disjointed data sources, coordinating with individual lawyers, and wrestling with design teams to get the look “just right”.  

Unfortunately, this is the status quo in many professional services firms. 

So when a firm harnesses technology to streamline the entire pitch process, the difference is tangible to team members from day one. 

One of our clients experienced this shift when she went from a firm with tedious, time-consuming, manual processes, to a firm that boosted their efficiency with Pitchly’s experience database. Here’s her story. 


Streamlining Data-Empowered Content 

Upon joining the law firm, she was delighted to find that the firm had already embraced Pitchly, a cutting-edge platform designed to optimize content creation. The team's proficiency with Pitchly's intuitive workflows allowed her to seamlessly integrate the tool into her daily routine, yielding instant results.

She was able to create tailored content for tombstones and PowerPoints in minutes instead of days with the transformative power of Pitchly. The once cumbersome task of cross-referencing multiple data sources became a breeze, thanks to a centralized database that eliminated redundancies and reduced the need for manual data checks. 

And perhaps most notably, lawyers now had a streamlined, dependable method to contribute their deal information. At her previous firm, getting lawyers to submit info on new deals was like pulling teeth because there was no single process for this. With Pitchly forms, sharing data was as simple as filling in a few fields and sending it over to BD for approval. This synergy makes the Business Development team’s creation of legal marketing content more efficient than ever.

The days of endless back-and-forth with the design team were replaced by swift and precise content insertion within the Pitchly platform. This newfound ability to directly participate in the creative process using dynamic templates not only sped up pitch creation but also fostered a sense of ownership over the final product.


Efficiency Isn't Just About Saving Iime. It's About Optimizing Team Dynamics.

The adoption of Pitchly cultivated a collaborative environment where urgent requests could be swiftly addressed, enhancing the firm's ability to seize new business opportunities. By streamlining their previously manual pitch creation process, the Business Development team could immediately dedicate more bandwidth to their strategic objective: securing clients.


A Proactive, and Tech-Forward Approach

Her appreciation extended beyond the immediate benefits of Pitchly; working at a forward-thinking company that leverages technology to innovate was invigorating. The law firm’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions like Pitchly signaled a company-wide dedication to problem-solving and creating an improved work environment for employees. 

Efficiency didn’t just save time. It helped optimize their team dynamics. With the time saved from manual tasks, she and her team had the capacity to proactively engage in strategic activities, such as in-depth industry analysis. In this highly collaborative environment, urgent requests could be swiftly addressed, enhancing the firm's ability to seize new business opportunities. 

For the firm, Pitchly's impact stretched far beyond pitch decks. Streamlining their previously manual pitch creation process immediately let the Business Development team dedicate more bandwidth to their most valuable objective: securing and serving clients and strategic partners.


A Wholehearted Recommendation

This client’s endorsement of Pitchly was unequivocal: "I would recommend Pitchly to any other firm as the best option to manage your experience and save time". In a world where building a MarTech stack can be a daunting challenge, that sentiment speaks volumes. Her enthusiasm extends to any firm seeking to optimize their experience management and supercharge their business development efforts.

The transformation experienced by herself and the Business Development team stands as a testament to the revolutionary potential of Pitchly. The platform's ability to streamline content creation, enhance team collaboration, and empower strategic initiatives has redefined the business development landscape in professional services firms. As the firm’s success story demonstrates, embracing innovative solutions like Pitchly can pave the way for a future where efficiency and innovation harmoniously coexist, propelling businesses to new heights of success.


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