3 Legal Marketing Problems That Pitchly Solves

Posted by: Pitchly

Legal marketing teams need a reliable solution to collect and transform the loads of experience data that they take in. 

All too often legal marketing teams are dragged down by requests that require them to search multiple databases and/or manually create tombstones, which takes up a huge chunk of time. Many teams can spend dozens of hours per month locating, fact-checking and formatting information for attorneys. 

Pitchly improves legal marketing with its data management software and content automation solutions by creating reliable, data-driven content processes. This makes it quick and easy to input and grab relevant information, which in turn saves time generating pitch content all while keeping all your important data secure.

Here are three ways your legal marketing team can benefit from using Pitchly:


Create a Centralized Experience Database

Access to reliable data is often a major pain point for legal marketing teams. From getting attorneys to input data in the first place to tracking down the most accurate version, it’s a frustrating and time consuming process.

A centralized experience database gives legal marketing teams the ability to consolidate data from all its sources. Using a centralized database reduces the amount of time it takes to pull data to create pitch content that helps your firm grow. 


Reliable Data Access

The biggest benefit, however, is that legal marketing teams can access the information they need from a single location. Whether it’s team bios, experience data, case studies, diversity information, or any other array of data needed to fuel your efforts, it’s all accessible at your fingertips. 

With Pitchly, users receive a reliable and secure way to import existing data, collect new data or stream that data in or out of Pitchly. Once inside the platform, users can normalize, structure, search and enablement the data in a variety of ways that works for them. 

This eliminates the need to look to multiple spreadsheets, emails, or ac-hoc chat conversations to find the data that you’re looking for. As a result, you save time and eliminate harmful data siloes. 


Reliable Data Entry

When we talk to our clients, they mention all the time how difficult it was to get information from their attorneys before Pitchly. The attorneys didn’t know which spreadsheet to use, found it tedious to send emails, or just didn’t feel like it was “worth it” to take the time to enter data. 

Pitchly’s forms make it extremely easy for attorneys to quickly enter information, and equally as easy for your team to vet the data as it comes in and edit or enhance it as needed.

This leaves your team with a centralized, reliable database that is constantly fed with new and valuable data. 


Save Time Generating Pitch Content

Generating pitch content is one of your most effective ways to contribute to generating new business for your firm. 

But generating this content can be a tedious and time-consuming without the right tools. Manual searching, pasting and formatting content can eat away at your legal marketing team’s time – pulling them away from big-picture tasks like company growth and expanding your firm’s reach.

Pitchly automates your content processes so legal marketing teams have more time to work on work strategic goals. Pitchly bridges that gap between data and content by giving teams quick access to the data they need. 

Pitchly Elements, our content automation app, allows legal marketers to create branded, unique and scalable customized content by leveraging the data you already have. This is done through our dynamic content templates. Once these on-brand templates are created, you can feed them with filtered data to create highly scalable, repeatable outputs. 

On average, the time needed to create pitch content was reduced by 93% when using Pitchly. While the need to create on-the-fly pitch materials typically becomes the most urgent task at any given moment, taking up hours of your day unexpectedly, Pitchly helps you check it off your list in minutes. Not hours. 


Secure Your Data

Since the platform securely brings all data together in a single, unified database, you don’t have to worry about inaccurate data being distributed. 


Distinct Workspaces

With the 2023 platform update, however, Pitchly brings an extra layer of internal data security with separate workspaces. Data admins can now choose which teams have access to which data. This functionality secures potentially confidential data and creates a more streamlined experience for employees by showing them only the data they need.


Data Longevity

Data safety is also an important consideration of employee turnover. 

According to one study, 69% of organizations have suffered a loss of data or knowledge as a result of employee departure. When an employee leaves your company, they make take financial, confidential, customer information, product data, marketing, roadmaps and intellectual property. 

Pitchly’s solutions help ensure your data stays with you if a team member leaves, and as mentioned before, can help boost the amount of data that your team inputs in the first place.


SOC 2 Type 2  

Pitchly has also successfully completed its Service Organizations Controls 2 Type 2 (SOC 2 Type 2) examination for the second year. This designation recognizes the ongoing steps it takes to ensure the Pitchly data productivity suite is designed to keep its clients’ sensitive information safe and confidential. 

SOC 2 Type 2 is a long-term audit of a company’s information security processes, conducted by a member of the American Institute of CPAs. Pitchly is committed to delivering ongoing innovation in a secure environment and will continue to protect data integrity within Pitchly.


Create a More Efficient Legal Marketing Team

Your team has a big job, but Pitchly’s data management software and content automation solutions make that job easier. Access to a centralized database, that securely protects your data, and tools that automate your content processes means your legal marketing teams can do more with less. 

Check out our legal page to learn more about how Pitchly’s solutions are giving legal firms more time to focus on work that matters. Or give our quick walkthrough video a look below.