Experience Management Horror Stories

Posted by: Pitchly

While it’s the season to get scared of monsters and the dark, nothing frightens a professional services marketing team quite like experience management gone wrong.

Your experience is your biggest asset when it comes to winning new business, and the efficiency with which you can access, share and enable this data will determine how well you can compete with the many other options your potential clients have.

During this season of haunting, let’s open up the storybook to see some of the spookiest experience management stories that will make you shiver.

Misaligned experience data

1. The Case of Misaligned Information

Your team is in the middle of a pitch presentation for a critical potential client when suddenly the audience’s eyes narrow. One slide shows conflicting information from the one before. If you can’t keep your data straight, how can they trust you to provide the expert-level services you’re providing?

Two people were working on the same presentation, but they weren’t operating from a single source of truth. Each of them was pulling from a different source of data - whether that was separate Excel spreadsheets, emails they pulled from their inbox, or even a nudge to the person sitting next to them.

While these two team members thought that they were grabbing the same experience data, it was doomed from the beginning when they had no reliable way to collect, normalize, and share their experience data.


Data breach nightmare

2. Data Breach Nightmare

One of your clients is scrolling through your website when they see a tombstone that you recently shared. This instance is immediately followed up by an intense email reiterating the fact that the contract in place states that this data is not allowed to be displayed.

Your team realizes you accidentally leaked confidential information. You think back to when you were creating this content and can’t recall any clear indicators that this information was not approved for release, and you fear how many other times this may have happened and gone unnoticed.

This reveals the lack of a clear system to not only mark confidential data as such, but to put additional safeguards in place to mitigate the risk of human error.

If only you had a more robust experience management system that automated this process and used smart filters to flag or hide confidential or incomplete information.



3. Here Lies the Lost Business Opportunity

It’s the beginning of a busy day, and your team flags you down to create a pitch deck that shows the very best examples of relevant work your firm has completed in the past. And they need it in 2 hours.

You scramble to get it done, but between searching all of your different databases, trying to get replies from attornies who have information that you need, and manually copy/pasting logos, information, etc., you just don't have enough time.


You either don’t get the deck done in time or send out an end product that doesn’t make as big of an impact as you need to close the deal. You lose that client to the firm they met with next.

Your current experience management process is not agile enough to meet the needs of a fast-paced and competitive pitch environment. You realize a need to automate as much of the tedious work in this process as possible.

If you can do this, you won’t have to fear the day that urgent pitch content is requested. You will have all of the tools you need at your fingertips and can spend most of your energy injecting your expert marketing know-how into the presentation to really seal the deal.


But There’s a Happy Ending

Although these spooky stories may have sent a chill down your spine, all hope is not lost for resourceful and innovative marketers. With a reliable experience database that centralizes your data, streamlines personalized data access, safeguards confidential information, and leverages content automation to save valuable time, every one of these outcomes can be avoided in the future.

When you can steer clear of frightening scenarios like this, you’re ensuring your firm’s continued success in an increasingly competitive market. Not to mention taking a huge weight off your marketing team’s chest.

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