Automate Content Generation with Pitchly and Templafy

Posted by: Pitchly

Every firm needs great content to reach clients and win new customers. Content includes marketing assets like blogs, newsletters, social media, digital ads, tombstones, CVs and bios. But it also includes internal reports and company communication that helps keep employees informed. Generating all this content can be a huge time drain on your staff.

According to Templafy’s Content is Everything report, the task of searching for content has gone from challenging to unmanageable, leading to increased business risk and reduced employee efficiency. HubSpot found that for 78% of companies, the content specialist team is between one and three people. That’s not a huge team considering how much content needs to be researched and developed. Automating your content generation with Pitchly and Templafy is the solution.

How Pitchly and Templafy Work Together

Pitchly and Templafy are a match made in data and content generation heaven. While content is king, it’s only as good as the data that drives it. Data is everything. It informs business decisions and strategic goals. Unfortunately, more than 80% of data goes unused, meaning it never makes it to valuable content. Pitchly and Templafy help take your data and turn it into content.

Pitchly, a leader in data enablement, allows organizations to collect, manage and distribute data-driven content. It enables users to create high-value pitch assets like tombstones, bios, case studies and more by using existing data or importing data stored in spreadsheets, a CRM or sequel database. No more searching and pulling data from multiple sources.

Templafy’s document generation platform helps teams create on-brand, high-performing documents faster. It automates all business document creation across organizations to activate and protect brands and drive governance.

When Pitchly is connected to Templafy, investment banking firms and other professional services organizations can quickly pull data from Pitchly and insert it into Templafy’s document generation platform.


Assets are created in five easy steps:

  1.   Open the Templafy add-in in PowerPoint and choose your template.
  2.   Select the Pitchly data source to see real-time content.
  3.   Choose the content and add it to the template.
  4.   Use search to find specific content.
  5.   Mix and match content types.

Together, Pitchly and Templafy provide firms with an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement automated solution that takes data and transforms it into content and document generation. The result is a centralized system that saves marketing and business development teams both time and money. Users are able to quickly develop consistent, on-brand documents and content.


Benefits of Using Templafy and Pitchly

Marketers not only need to create content that drives results, but they must prove its value and ROI. That means the content generation process needs to be as efficient as possible. Using Pitchly and Templafy has been shown to:

  •         Save an average of five-plus hours per week on asset creation
  •         Help business development team produce branded content 75% faster
  •         Save over 40-plus hours in audit/compliance review time with improved governance processes


Users that integrate Templafy and Pitchly can:

  •         Collect, centralize and manage the API-sourced data points, which turns rows of data into impactful content showcasing your team, products, services and assets
  •         Access content from within Templafy, never needing to leave PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  •         Create real-time brand-approved compliant assets with up-to-date data
  •         Save time and improve efficiency with one integrated data source and pre-approved brand templates
  •         Embed workflows, policies and rules into custom content template designer to ensure content is always accurate, appropriate and looks great
  •         Increase time for strategy and keep employees focused on work that matters instead of chasing down data, logos and templates

Quickly create meaningful content with Pitchly and Templafy. Watch this video to learn more.