Top Ten List - What 2020 Taught Us

Posted by: Allison Nussbaum

Recently, our team took a few moments to reflect on 2020 -- via Slack, how 2020 is that? -- and what it has meant to us, both personally and professionally. Shamelessly borrowing from David Letterman (if you don't know what I am talking about, click here), here is Pitchly's Top Ten List of Things We Learned in 2020.

Top Ten Things We Learned in 2020

      1. There’s a virtual service for just about everything now (including one called Pitchly, which we think is pretty awesome.)
      2. Kids and partners and pets are great, but they are not great coworkers. So demanding -- and noisy!
      3. Being an introvert is a huge mental advantage during a pandemic quarantine.
      4. People are much more flexible and resilient than they thought they ever could be -- even lawyers and accountants.
      5. Tracking deliveries is the newest spectator sport. And if you want UPS to arrive quicker, start a Zoom meeting!
      6. Working from home is a euphemism for living at work.
      7. Meetings have stopped being a chore and became a way to actually talk to real people.
      8. A blank canvas unleashes previously undiscovered talents and creativity. (Sourdough, knitting, Zoom dance parties!)
      9. Trust is everything.
      10. Hard times reveal what really matters and that the only way through is together.
      1. What have you learned? We'd love to hear from you.