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Investment banking is becoming a very crowded industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of investment banks has increased nearly 20% since 2015. And they’re still growing. A growing number of investment banks equals increased competition for new clients. But investment banking marketing teams already have the tools needed for capturing new clients – their existing data. The problem is many advisors don’t know how to effectively use it to their advantage.

How to Leverage Your Existing Data for Growth

Every time a deal firm closes a deal, they gather data about the transaction. This could be contact information, business demographics, deal stats, etc. By closing multiple deals, firms can quickly acquire hundreds of proprietary data points that investment banking marketing teams can use to build an internal database. This invaluable database provides essential client and transaction information so these marketers have the right data to create new pitches and proposals. 

The problem is few advisors know how to best use and activate their data. Instead, these credentials go to waste sitting in several different data systems, possibly spread out amongst different teams. Without a centralized system in place, marketers and business development teams don’t have access to the full list of the experience the firm has. This can hinder the firm’s ability to land new clients. 

Data enablement software can provide the solution.

This software takes your valuable deal data and makes it actionable, accessible and flexible – in short, it makes your data work for you. Data enablement software, like Pitchly, provides investment banking marketing and business development teams with a robust, user-friendly database to enter their deal data into. The data is in one workspace, accessible to all team members. With advanced and easy-to-use filters and views, data can easily be put into action and team members can pull any relevant data they need at a moment’s notice. 

This software also includes a content designer that can automatically transform your data into tombstones, case studies, logo slides, team bios/CVs and company profiles. When you automate these design processes, you don’t have to wait on a designer and you can create on-the-fly pitch assets.


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Using Data Enablement Saves Time

Data enablement processes connect people to the data they need to directly impact your business outcomes. When your data is enabled, it is structured in a way that makes it easy for people to access the data they need, across teams, departments and business units. That means no more searching multiple databases when you need to put together a pitch. 

Analysts and associates have said with Pitchly’s data enablement software, they save 93% of the time previously spent preparing credentials and researching firm deal experience. With all that time saved using data enablement technology, investment bank marketers can shift focus to big picture tasks, like new business marketing strategies. 

Key Benefits of Pitchly Data Enablement

Pitchly’s data platform helps leverage your data through integrated warehouse-to-worker processes. These processes include a data pipeline, data workspace and data productivity.

Pitchly Data Pipeline 

Pitchly’s Data Pipeline brings your data in, or out, by connecting to the systems you already have in place. 

For example, data may enter the pipeline from PowerPoint Pitchbooks, a league table submission in Excel or a CRM or data warehouse. The pipeline then consolidates this data into a single structured database that powers content automation. 

The best part is that users can quickly search, filter and export comparable experience and transaction data. 

Think about this, using Pitchly, the average investment bank can store 22 proprietary data points – per deal. With data pipeline, you make all of those points work for you.

Pitchly Data Workspace 

Pitchly’s Data Workspace gives users access to a live custom tombstone library from a deal database. Pitchly’s integrated database approach provides source data directly to each tombstone. 

Users can design case study template layouts, and elements, and link data from the database. Pitchly also integrates team CVs directly from your data to automatically create pitchbook-ready content from the team database. Plus, your team can quickly export to PowerPoint Pitchbooks, Word proposals and engagement letters.

Pitchly Data Productivity

Pitchly’s Data Productivity improves how you do your daily work. It quickly automates a content library of tombstones, case studies and team CVs that can be integrated with most proposal software providers to streamline proposal preparation.

Advisory firms can suffer from high staff turnover. With Pitchly’s connected apps and automated pitchbook content library, your analysts can record their advisory experiences, so the firm’s intellectual property remains if they leave. 

Plus, Pitchly protects data through robust encryption and access protocols, and allows administrators to restrict user access and export privileges to data, and capture user actions in audit trails.

Get more out of your data – and make the lives of your data advisors easier and more strategic – by implementing Pitchly’s data enablement software. Pitchly’s solution will help you leverage your data so you can gain more new clients, beating out the competition. And, when your investment banking marketers spend less time pulling data and creating tombstones, pitches and proposals, they have more time to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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