October 2021 Product Update

Posted by: Koral Hull

Read all about the newest features in Pitchly! To learn how to find these features, use our Knowledge Base; each article is linked below. Of course, you can always join our Client Success Team during our next webinar, Pitchly Pointers, where you can ask questions in person.


Trace Reference Records

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the details of your referenced records without leaving the original record? Well, now you can! Quickly view if a record is connected to any other records via a reference field. Avoid potential data gaps by confirming relationships are established with the appropriate records. This allows quick verification of the record’s connection to another table. Simply click on the record name referenced within your field and it will expand so you can see all of that record’s field data. This works for both reference multiple and reference fields.
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Thousands Separator

You can stop the number counting. Pitchly numeric and currency fields will now input a thousands separator (i.e., a comma). Previously the commas didn't display when you entered the digits in the entry field/filter field (you had to save the record in order to see where the thousand separator fell). This caused users to miskey numbers and currency amounts. With this update, you can now see the commas immediately after typing in your number.
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Documents App

Transparent Background

Stop your template design from fading into the background. Just remove it. Your foreground will stand out better than ever (and easier than ever) using a transparent background for your template. To transform your template just use the Transparent background button!
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Proposals App

Text and Image Embed

A hyperlinked field can now be embedded into your Word Document. The Proposals App has always allowed you to add dynamic fields into your document; however, now you’re able to embed hyperlinks in both text and images. Add this into your template using our Knowledge Base or reach out to the Pitchly Client Success Team to give you a hand!
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Manage Your Users

Users Search Bar

As your users grow it can be increasingly more difficult to manage those user lists. We’ve added a search bar to eliminate the frustration. Use a name or email to search through and filter users in the Manage Users area.
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