Pitchly Appoints Saleforce’s Wendy Batchelder to its Board of Directors

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New York, NY – July 11, 2023  – Pitchly, the no-code data enablement company creating new ways for work to be done, announces the appointment of Wendy Batchelder to the Pitchly Board of Directors, effective July 15.

Wendy’s Background Aligns with the Pitchly Vision

As the SVP, Chief Data Officer and Global Data Governance Leader at Salesforce, Batchelder is a seasoned and innovative technology executive. She has experience rapidly transforming and scaling businesses through the implementation of solutions impacting top-line growth, operational efficiency, and cost savings, leveraging robotic process automation, AI/ML and data-driven solutions.

She joins Ryan Gerhardy, CEO and Co-founder of Pitchly, and Matt Paulson, Managing Partner of Homegrown Capital on the Pitchly Board of Directors.

Batchelder is a proven data leader and is frequently asked to speak about strategies to enable companies to make the right decisions, with the right data, at the right time with the right controls. Batchelder’s experience and focus on simplicity includes previous data leadership positions at VMware, Wells Fargo, Aviva, KPMG and Ernst & Young. Later this year, her new book titled “
Data Governance: A Practical Approach to Building Trust in Data” will be available.


Excitement from the Team

“Teams around the world are seeking ways to leverage data and AI in their work. It’s shocking that this challenge still exists, but it does. Data enablement is the future of using data to do work more efficiently and effectively,” said Batchelder. “With my deep and extensive data background, it’s exciting to join the board of a leading-edge company seeking to automate repetitive work by creating the data enablement category.”

“We are excited to have Wendy join our board,” said Gerhardy. “Her career-long focus on effective data management and governance has laid the foundation required to maximize the return of investment realized through data enablement. We look forward to collaborating with her to expand the data enablement category and educate organizations to maximize their data investments.”

To learn more, view Pitchly’s 2022 summary of its second consecutive year of top-tier customer retention, 90%+ ARR growth, innovative product expansion, and partner ecosystem and team growth.  To establish this category, Pitchly consistently releases thought leadership about data enablement, technology and automation including Data Enablement 101 ebook: How to put your data to work and why it matters.

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