Pitchly’s 2019 Year in Review

Posted by: Koral Hull

New applications and functionality released by Pitchly in 2019

It’s been a year of development at Pitchly. We’ve introduced functionality, released new applications, and to top it off we’ve been named #1 on the list of 2020 Best Tech Startups in Des Moines. As we continue to expand our industry solutions and products in 2020, we’re reflecting on this past year and all of it's accomplishments!

Pitchy was founded on helping customers do work better. Knowing that all work solutions start at the data, we focused on making that data accessible to the people closest to the work. We’re rethinking how data is managed, and in 2019, we’ve made huge strides toward this goal.

In 2020, we're stepping up the game. Data is the lifeblood of consistent and rapid work, but now that we've made it accessible, we're moving back to the solutions and finding more ways to help customers do more things. We're making solutions front-and-center to the Pitchly experience unlocking integrations to more tools than ever before.

The functionality created in 2019 has paved the way for a big 2020. Check out all the great improvements created this past year below.

The Forms App

Released in July 2019, Forms was created to quickly populate a customer account. It assists in collecting, reviewing, and approving data in a secure and scheduled workflow. It removes data from desktops and employee’s minds, replacing cumbersome PDF, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel data collection attempts. 

The Proposals App 

Released in October 2019, Proposals eliminates repetitive manual data entry, and exports shared data sources into a custom Word Document template; all while maintaining formatting and integrity. 

Users had pre-existing branded templates but they wanted to insert their own data using a custom proposal solution. Today, we’re able to create a custom Word Doc that mirrors a user’s fields using their own table of data. Proposals allows users to export data from multiple sources directly into Microsoft Word.

The end result is a custom data-filled Word Document that maintains our user’s branding.

In just a few months since its inception, creating a proposal is just one way our users have found great value. Proposals is being used in a few unique use cases:

  1. Financial Customers - white-label documents from source data 
  2. Legal Customers - Chambers ranking submissions and proposals
  3. Audit & Tax Customers - audit and engagement letter automation

Major Platform Feature Updates

Custom Views

Update a table quickly using the field selection tool to hide, show, and pin fields. When a field is pinned, its position shifts so that it becomes the first field you see. This allows you to conveniently change the table on an ad-hoc basis without making permanent changes to the setup of your field positions. 

Global search

Entering a keyword highlights each occurrence of the term within a table, giving you the ability to quickly isolate the applicable records, and export results..

Favorited searches

Update your most frequented filters by marking them with a heart. This saves the filter as a favorite and moves it to the top of your filters bar. 

Export as a PNG

In addition to exporting a vector image with the ability to customize images and text directly in PowerPoint, we’ve also enabled the ability for users to export directly as a PNG to eliminate any unnecessary steps. 

Rearranging tables

Sometimes priorities change, and now so can your workspace. Move tables along the top of your Pitchly workspace to view the information most relevant to the day’s topic.

2019 was BIG for Pitchly.

2020 will be BIGGER. With more functionality, new apps being released, and larger customer solutions groups, expect the Pitchly team to map out new data paths in the New Year. To read more about the Product Announcements in 2020, visit Pitchly 2020 Product Announcements, and be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss any data-share greatness next year!