Pitchly 2020 Product Announcements

Posted by: Koral Hull

6 Pitchly product releases that are rolling us into 2020

In 2019, Pitchly released the Forms App, Proposals App, and additional functionality throughout our platform. We’ve listened to our customers, prospects, and partners in all aspects of our business, and created functionality that will set everyone up for success in the New Year. Pitchly is pleased to announce the release of some much-anticipated products and functionality in your Pitchly Workspace throughout 2020.


2020 Announcement_Tables

Tables in Pitchly look like an excel worksheet, allowing users to store and edit data, customizefield names, field types, field definitions, and reference other Tables.

Populate a table using either an Excel document, from scratch, integrating a third party platform using Zapier, or a SQL server. When a user logs in to Pitchly they will immediately see the tables their administrator(s) have permissioned them to use. 

Workspaces (new in 2020!)

2020 Announcement_Workspaces

Pitchly stands behind the idea that data is better when it’s together. We’ve given our customers the ability to see all of their data sources in one place. A Workspace allows one or more users to share data in tables and connected applications.

This functionality was developed with our enterprise customers. It allows an organization to select the data and templates that will be accessed by each of their departments or specific teams inside their organization. This innovation gives team members, departments, C-level executives, investors, and clients the missing link to see a select view of data. We’ve eliminated the “siloed data” mentality, broken down walls, and built a better experience for both your physical workspace and of course your new Pitchly Workspaces.

Zapier (new in 2020!)

2020 Announcement_Zapier Integration-1

Zapier allows for quick integration to more than 1,500 software and database services breaking

down data silos across an organization. Connecting internal software platforms to a Pitchly Workspace aggregates data sources to export directly to PowerPoint and Word.

“Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.” - zapier.com

Documents App

Documents allow users to export a multi-page Word Doc with real-time multi-sourced data. Design a dynamic Word Doc template once and populate it with real-time data instantly from the source. Give access to team-members to export dynamic documents in a matter of seconds all through Documents.

Design App

Design allows Pitchly users to create assets for export to PowerPoint. In 2020, it will also export content to the Documents App as well as other templates. Our customers have seen huge value in simplifying this repetitive data-entry and formatting task, by self-generating the same content in seconds using Design.

Present App (new in 2020!)

Introducing, Present. We’ve gathered feedback from Pitchly users, prospects, and partners and discovered they need to export more than full pages of content. We heard them asking for live data-integrated multi-page PowerPoint documents. This concept will remove manual data entry and continue using real-time data to create more powerful PowerPoints. We listened to the feedback! Users will be able to export dynamic PowerPoint documents (updates included) in seconds, with Present.