Pitchly Creates High Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth in 2022

Posted by: Ryan Gerhardy

Company achieves 110% revenue growth and expands capabilities across all departments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 17, 2023 - Pitchly, the no-code data enablement company creating new ways for work to be done, achieved a second consecutive record-breaking year of growth. The company experienced 110% ARR growth in 2022 from 2021. This is the largest growth in company history. 

Among the new logos added was a marquee logo and a large global investment banking firm with 10,000 employees. This is the first seven-figure ARR deal in company history.

In addition, Pitchly’s average contract value expanded by more than 213%, and the company achieved 93.6% gross dollar retention, and 120.0% net dollar retention.


Team growth in 2022

To support this triple-digit growth, Pitchly increased its headcount 110% from the prior year. The product development team expanded by 100%, sales and marketing grew by 200% and customer success support grew by 33%.

Pitchly teams achieved phenomenal results throughout the year including releasing 152 product updates and 20 major enhancements, completing a brand re-fresh, hiring the company’s first Head of Sales, Joel Broyhill and Director of Partnerships, Vikram Nair, delivering a new website, and implementing Pitchly for large global clients.


Partnership growth in 2022

Pitchly expanded its partner network in 2022 by formalizing its partnership and seamless integration with Templafy, the next-gen document generation platform that automates all business document creation at any complexity and scale. This proven integration creates a centralized, dynamic data source that powers branded and compliant content output. See the integration in action.


It takes a focused and agile team to achieve the level of success we produced in 2022,” said Ryan Gerhardy, co-founder and CEO of Pitchly. “I could not be more proud of the accomplishments of the entire Pitchly team. I want to thank everyone at Pitchly for their hard work, creativity and innovation. We also thank our clients for their continued confidence in our solution. We look forward to helping even more firms put their data to work with Pitchly in 2023.


Plans for 2023

Pitchly’s 2023 growth plans include demonstrating innovation by releasing the next generation of data enablement solutions to the industry, developing new partner products and distribution channels and expanding our thought leadership position to create the data enablement category.


About Pitchly

Pitchly was founded on the belief that the future of work is data-driven, not task-driven. With a focus on solving the last mile dilemma for business data, Pitchly has created a place where people, data and content come together to generate real business outcomes. Pitchly's data enablement suite of applications, extensions, and integrations empowers collaboration, automation, and bottom-line value. Visit us online at www.pitchly.com.