Q2 Product Updates Simplify Document Generation

Posted by: Koral Hull

We have added new features to help you put your data to work through simplified processes, faster document generation, and increased data visibility.

Simplifying Your Task List - get work done faster.

We’ve been working to improve the template creator, and as a result, you have some new options available.

Undo and redo buttons

We’ve added undo and redo buttons to make fixing those minor errors easier. Use these buttons when you need to move back or forward in your template. 

Search text or images from a table

We’ve added a search bar so you can search through all of the table fields available to you. Use this feature to easily find the field you’re looking for to speed up your document generation process.

Copy templates across tables

Creativity takes time and so does building the perfect template. Now you don’t have to worry about recreating the same template in different tables. You can simply copy the template you’ve built in one table and paste it into another.

Find out more about the Documents Application in the Pitchly Knowledge Base.


Simplifying for our Organization - maximize your IP’s potential.

We have some big changes coming to the way you manage your account and we’ll be sharing more details about them in the days to come, but for now, we’ve made a few small changes to help you work faster.

GenerateExport Personalized PowerPoint Presentations 

The Slides App exports a dynamic template from Pitchly directly into PowerPoint. No more copy & paste -- every detail is updated with real-time data. Creating a presentation that always contains the most up to date information will change the way you do business.

Find out more about the Slides App in the Pitchly Knowledge Base.

‌Alphabetized organization dropdown

Your organization list is now alphabetical to allow you to quickly switch between accounts.

Drag and drop fields

Managing the order of your database fields just got easier! Now you can change the order of your fields by dragging and dropping the field to a new location.

Find out more about Managing Your Database in the Pitchly Knowledge Base.


Simplifying Your CMS - sync Pitchly to your website.

Making changes to the same content in multiple places is a pain! Now you can show off your best side by connecting Pitchly to your website and eliminating duplicate edits. 

API Keys

By connecting Pitchly to receive and send data to other systems in your organization, you provide an actionable view for updates, document generation, and workflow productivity. It is a real-time sync, sharing the most up to date information without the manual data entry.

Find more about API Keys in the Pitchly Knowledge Base.


Simplifying Pitchly

Knowledge Base

Check out the Knowledge Base at https://docs.pitchly.com/knowledge/ for a quick way to answer your questions. Find it by clicking into the Resource Center (the purple circle with the white question mark that lives in the bottom right-hand corner inside your Pitchly account).


New to Pitchly? Never used a feature before? Follow along in an in-app tutorial! You’ll find a list of Guides in the Resource Center alongside the Knowledge Base. Each guide will show step by step directions with useful tips to use throughout your Pitchly account.

Contact Support

Use the Contact Support form to send in any questions to the Pitchly team. Visit pitchly.com/contact, find it in your Pitchly account located in your Account Settings or email us directly at PitchlySupport@pitchly.com.