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The Power of Data Enablement

Creating a tombstone requires grabbing and sorting your existing data from multiple sources, formatting it with visual appeal and inserting it into a PowerPoint or Word document.

If you’re doing this manually, you could be overlooking content messaging optimizations and wasting valuable time that could be spent on strategic projects.

The Pitchly tombstone builder automates these tedious processes and gives your team back hours each week for the strategic work that matters.


Create a real-time connection to your data

Your intellectual property and deal data is most likely in disparate systems including an on- premise database, spreadsheets, documents, outdated presentations or in all of these locations. Take control, keep your data up to date and save time by centralizing your data.

Search, filter & segment data in seconds

Pitchly serves as your integrated database across your firm It’s always available via the cloud and always accesses current credentials.

Export to branded templates

Select the relevant information and export Tombstones, case studies and pitch team CVs to the output of your choice–including PowerPoint and Word.

“Pitchly has become part of the ordinary course of business for us. It is ingrained in our work.”

Susana Boó
Corporate Finance Director | BDO Global

Generate Tombstones in 5 Easy Steps

audience research
  • Build & modify tombstones templates
    to align with project needs + brand guidelines

  • Search, filter & segment your data to identify relevant deals

  • Select only relevant tombstones to include in your document

  • Format layout for PowerPoint & Word by customizing rows, columns, spacing and more

  • Export & make ad hoc adjustment in PPT/Word and insert in your pitchbook

Start putting your data to work with Pitchly

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