Pitchly Makes The Latka 100: The Fastest Growing SaaS Companies in 2019

Posted by: Koral Hull

Since 2018 we’ve been focused on helping you grow your business. Today, we're helping over 30 of you through data management, content creation, and now white labeling documents!

We’re excited to share that out of  3,500 SaaS companies  last year, we were in the Latka top 5% in terms of revenue growth rate. This is a clear sign that our product continues to be loved as we work to scale. Big thanks to all of you for helping us grow 344% over the past 12 months, landing us a spot in the   top 100 fastest growing saas companies
2019 growth happened through hard work, collaboration, and great advocates. Together, we've created a powerhouse data management tool that allows you to create dynamic content. We are now able to white label documents, integrate to over 1500 tools using Zapier, and connect directly to your SQL with our in house integration. Unique applications like the Proposals and Forms Apps both improve workflow and continue to save you time by dynamically filling content with your organization's data. Exciting partnerships were started throughout the year with collaborators from a variety of different fields. It's true collaboration breeds change! Through these partnerships, we have developed unique solutions to share data with their Content Management Systems. Lastly, we've had major organizational breakthroughs that have allowed us to gather a dynamic Pitchly team. We have plans to expand our team even further to drive bigger growth for you and your business throughout 2020 and beyond.
How We Compare to Other SaaS Companies 
We've been ranked number 18! The top 150 fastest growing private SaaS companies in 2019 together added over $1.2 billion in new ARR. When you put all of us together, we employ over 11,383 employees serving 697,428 customers.
Pitchly Latka Ranking
We're proud to say we've driven our growth raising just $1M.   Click here  to see the full rankings.