Ease is Key for Successful Software Implementation

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Continually adopting new technology is critical to a firm’s future as innovation breeds success. New software aids business practices on almost every level, including law firm marketing.

Upgrading your manual processes is almost always much more efficient with digital solutions - think about how much time it takes to write tombstones and track proposals manually. But investing in a new technology won’t provide a great ROI if your employees don’t use it.

According to Everett Rogers’ classic model of technology adoption over time, not every employee will immediately adopt new technology, even if it has obvious benefits. Only 16% will jump on board at the start. Software implementation is always more effective when the initial product is easy to use and shows immediate time savings, like Pitchly’s experience database and proposal management features.

National Law Firm Selects Pitchly for Ease of Use

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, a national law firm with offices in 11 states and London, wanted to improve its operational efficiencies and deliver a better work product. It decided to invest in the Pitchly data enablement suite to use the experience database and proposal features. One of the reasons the firm chose Pitchly was because it was easy to use, allowing its staff to quickly collect, organize and locate client experience information.
“We selected Pitchly because it offered a quick time to value with straightforward account setup and an accessible, no-nonsense pricing structure. These requirements are very important to a firm our size,” said Michelle Michaels, the Chief Marketing Officer at Hinshaw.
Pitchly is a cloud-based data enablement platform used by legal professionals that helps them organize and activate their intellectual property. Its user-friendly database service allows firms like Hinshaw & Culbertson to record proprietary experience information so knowledge workers can win more clients. This proprietary data helps firms differentiate professional service providers, putting them ahead of their competition.

Why Ease of Use is so Important with Proprietary Client Databases

It is used by your entire staff. Because a proprietary client database is used by multiple team members at your firm, the software you use must be easy to understand by everyone. A proprietary client database provides a single repository of all your firm’s experience, making the information beneficial to multiple departments including front office staff, client administration, business intelligence, executive leadership, marketing and business development. Choose a solution that is not only easy to use but provides support during and after implementation.

It pulls information from multiple sources. Most firms use several types of resources to store information, proprietary client database software must be able to pull data from multiple sources, both existing and new. Accounting might use Excel, marketing uses SharePoint and so on, and different departments might only be familiar with what they use. Pitchly can take data from Excel, Access, SharePoint, Word and other disparate locations and present it to your team members in an easy-to-use database, no matter what software they use.

Team members won’t use it if it’s difficult. The path of least resistance is often the one taken. As previously mentioned, the majority of your employees’ natural reaction to new technology is wariness. Only a portion of team members tend to be innovators and early adopters. That being said, software implementation can be tricky, even for the best solutions, so choosing a product that’s easy to use is paramount. Hinshaw & Culbertson chose Pitchly because it is so easy to use. Its employees could set up accounts quickly, which was essential as Hinshaw & Culbertson provides a series of closely coordinated litigation, business advisory and transactional services to clients of all sizes as well as governmental and public sector entities.

Go one step further and reward your employees for using new software. Your team members will contribute more frequently – and provide feedback – if they’re recognized and rewarded for doing so.

Implementing Pitchly was not only easy, but our software reduced the time the firm spent collecting, finding, and using client experiences by more than 50%.

Pitchly generates data-heavy documents with 100% error reduction and in only 7% of the time previously taken. Pitchly’s implementation creates a customer account in less than two weeks, providing a better way to view, access and manage firm experience. Before Pitchly this work would take place in tools like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, or IT-owned databases. Pitchly aggregates disparate information from these different tools, making information easy to catalog, find, and then reintroduce data-infused Word and PowerPoint documents. Pitchly is the fastest-growing data-enablement platform for professional service firms with 100 to 50,000 employees.

In 2021, Pitchly had 99% customer retention! Clients enjoy real value from Pitchly. Read more examples in Client Stories.
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